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This Librarian Read: The Edupreneur’s Side Hustle Handbook

As I have shared on here before, summer time is when I like to read at least one professional development book before heading back for a new school year. This past summer, my book of choice was The Edupreneur’s Side Hustle Handbook: 10 Successful Educators Share Their Top Tips. The book was edited by Lisa Dunnigan and Tosha Wright, with the author contributors being Eric Crouch, Lisa Dunnigan, Kristen Donegan, Michelle Ferré, Cynthia Frias, Jen Jones, Kisha Mitchell, Kayse Morris, Bryce Sizemore and Tosha Wright.

Summary: Find out how you can use your talents as an educator to make extra money on the side! In this helpful book, top Instagram influencers share how they’ve had success with selling lesson plans, handouts, t-shirts, and more, while maintaining careers as teachers and school leaders (excerpt taken from Goodreads).


Though this book is very much geared towards educators who are looking to pursue their own side-hustle entrepreneurship dreams, because I work in the education system, I found it extremely insightful. This book shares excellent tips and amazing stories about the experiences of the chapter authors. I found myself underlining almost every word these teachers wrote, because every piece of advice given and information shared was tangible and practical. I can take a lot of what was shared and put it into practice instantly.They were also sharing their first-hand experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – which, for someone who knows nothing about side-hustles, was very much appreciated as I learned from the experiences of others.

Most of the chapter authors take time to discuss their actual side-hustle gigs, getting into detail about their origin stories, their journeys, and commenting on things they have learned along the way.

Some of the chapter authors get very specific and speak to the aspects directly involved within their own side-hustles. For example:

  • Lisa Dunnigan and Tosha Wright: how they started their brand, The Wright Stuff Chics and tips they have for refining the process, finding the right people, inventory, and some do’s and don’ts for starting your own side-hustle
  • Jen Jones: how she started her literacy business, Hello Literacy and information on business basics, from establishing yourself as a credible expert, finding your passion/niche, building your brand, and why social media presence is essential.
  • Kisha Mitchell: shares information regarding writing your own book and the steps involved in this process.
  • Kristen Donegan: tips and advice on how to create an online course as a form of side-hustle
  • Michelle Ferré: how she started out with vlogging and information and advice on how to do it yourself.

Other chapter authors decided to share specific aspects that have made them successful with their side-hustles, such as:

  • Advice on building partnerships and gaining sponsorship.
  • Personal branding and promotion.
  • How to set and prioritize goals, scheduling, and how to balance it all.
  • Real-world talk about making personal sacrifices, vulnerability and having courage – the balancing act between side-hustle and life.
  • How to narrow in on your niche and passion and turning this into your side-hustle.
  • Tips on how to come up with a business name.
  • The importance of social media for your side-hustle and how to navigate it.
  • How to shift your mindset in becoming successful.

I finished reading this book once through, underlining all of the fantastic tips and information. I then read through it a second time, jotting notes about all of the things I initially underlined. I will probably read this book a few more times in the future, however, I’m still unsure of what my own side-hustle will be. Who knows if I will ever come up with one! I do know that I love writing on this blog and I love running my Instagram account. I also love sharing ideas, resources and all things libraries. I have started to grow a following and even though it may be small in comparison to some, it is mighty – I love my Instagram community. Maybe someday, something might come from all of this, and then again, maybe nothing will, but I know that whatever path my journey takes me on, I know something side-hustling will come about. Either way, I feel more prepared than ever now having read this book!

Are you an aspiring edupreneur or do you already have a side-hustle? 

Share below, I would love to hear all about it!

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